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23 October 2020

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    Request Hardcopy of Medical Records

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    Is there a chance the sleep center will continue under new ownership?

    Yes, there are currently four separate entities that have expressed interested in buying the sleep center, but we have received no formal offers at this time, and we felt obliged to give our patients 90 days’ notice in the

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    Welcome to Maimonides Sleep Arts & Sciences Patient Care Area.

    Please note the menu on the left. The patient area provides you periodic access to relevant forms while you are a patient with us. You can also view our privacy policy and find out more about our


www.cpaptalk.com • View topic - Sound Sleep, Sound Mind by Krakow

Sound Sleep, Sound Mind by Krakow by secret agent girl on Thu Aug 19, 2010 6:27 am Did anyone else happen to catch his webinar with NICABM--wondering what you thought of it. It's been such a busy summer, that I haven't been around here, and only thought of the forum after the presentation...sorry! I was impressed with his balanced approach and would let him be my doctor in a new york minute! Not that my sleep doc is no good, but Krakow is obviously quite an expert. Here's the outline he mostly covered: * It's quality, not necessarily quantity, that matters * Poor sleep, poor health: poor health, poor sleep * The Mind-Body connection of sleep * The role that breath plays in sleep disorders * Building a sleep quality brain trust * Treatment: emotional freedom to sleep without drugs


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